Sonata (zaleplon)

Manufacturer: American Home Products  

Indication(s):  Treatment of insomnia in patients who have difficulty falling asleep.

Administration:  Taken before bedtime.  Also may be taken in the middle of the night if the patient wakes up prematurely in the middle of the night.

Pharmacology:  It is presumed that Sonata binds selectively to the brain's GABA receptor complex (neurotransmitters associated with sleep).

WebRx Editorial Notes:  This hypnotic (sleeping pill) should fill a niche for patients who find that other sleeping pills cause morning grogginess or hangover effects since Sonata is very short acting.  It probably won't be of much use to people who have difficulty staying asleep all night long.  Another potential benefit is that it may possibly reduce the number of people who become addicted to sleeping pills since the drug is short acting they can try to go to sleep without it first, then take it if they can't sleep without fear of oversleeping.

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