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Aprodine 24 Tablets

Aprodine 24's

First Name:
Middle Initial:
Name as it appears on credit card:


Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:

Email Adress:

Due to new Federal Regulations on pseudoephedrine there is a limit of two (2) packages per household per transaction.  Also, you may not purchase more than five (5) packages per 30 day period.  

We will only ship to the address that is the same as the billing address where your credit card statements are sent and that matches your photo ID.

Home Address:

Provide address that your credit card statements

are sent to and that appears on your ID.


If your U.S. state is not listed, we cannot ship there.

Zip Code: NOTICE: Under 18 USC 1001, anyone who makes a materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement to the US Government is subject to criminal penalties.  Penalties may include a fine of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment for up to 5 years.
Select your card:
Card number:
CV V 2 (Security Code)
Card expiration: << change this to the correct expiration
Special Instructions or comments: Please note what item(s) you are requesting and quantity of each item


, EVERY DAYS With AutoShip, we'll automatically bill your card on file and ship your Aprodine to you until either your credit card or photo ID expires or you cancel.  To cancel or change frequency of shipments please send email to
Shipping Method

Items usually ship 1-3 days after order placed

We will only ship to the address that is the same as the billing address where your credit card statements are sent.

When we process your credit card we use AVS technology to verify your address.

International shipments will be assessed a $42 surcharge in addition to the amount listed above.

Due to the special order requirements of this product, it will NOT appear in your shopping cart.  If you'd like to purchase other items you can do so and we'll combine your orders when we ship to you.    

Final Step:    This is a secure page

Note:  A confirmation email will be sent to you when your order has been processed.

Privacy Statement:  No information is collected until the "Click Here to Send Your Order" button is clicked. All information provided is kept in strict confidence and will NOT be sold or shared with anyone unless it is directly related to your order.  Read our complete privacy policy here.

If you would prefer to fax this page please print and fax it to (941) 296-7447.  Include a copy of your photo ID with your fax if you haven't done that before.


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