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Our Promise:

"Our promise to you at WebRx Pharmacy Palace is to provide you with reliable information, quality products, and superior service at a fair price."

Our Mission:

"Our mission is to become the number one internet pharmacy services provider by fulfilling our promise to you."

Why choose RxPalace.com?

  • Fair Prices!
  • Better Service!
  • Knowledgeable Pharmacist!
  • Easier Access to Effective Medication!
  • Repeat customers pay a reduced, $5 prescribing fee for Rx purchases prescribed by our pharmacist.
  • Flat-Rate Shipping
  • Product Delivered to your door within 2-3 days or overnight per your choice..
  • Your account will not be charged if your application for your medicine is not approved!
  • We put our Returns policy online (please scroll below)

Returns Policy

  • Accepted returns - Call (941)906-8077 M-F 9am-9pm EST, email to Services@RxPalace.com, or fax your return request to (941)296-7447. Please reference your order number or prescription number in your correspondence. A service representative will respond with a confirmation message and return shipment instructions (if necessary).

    You must contact customer services within 7 days of receiving your order before returning any product to obtain return authorization. Returns received without authorization or after 10 days after product is shipped will not be processed. Incorrectly filled orders will be replaced or refunded at the customer's request. Pharmacist prescribing fee is non-refundable.  Shipping & handling charges are non-refundable.

    Acceptable reasons for returns include:

    1. Damaged Product
    2. Incorrect Product Shipped
    3. Other (please explain)

  • Unaccepted returns

    Unacceptable returns include:

  1. Any item for which a return authorization was not requested within 7 days of receipt of product.
  2. Returns without return authorization (see Accepted returns above).
  3. Pharmacist prescribing fee is non-refundable (but will not be charged to your account unless your application is approved and the product is shipped).


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