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Urinary Pain Relief Tablets Compare to:

Azo® Standard Tablets

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Urinary Pain Relief Tablets 12-Count
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Drug Facts

This medication is used to relieve symptoms caused by irritation of the urinary tract such as pain, burning, and the feeling of needing to urinate urgently or frequently. This drug does not treat the cause of the urinary irritation, but it can help relieve the symptoms while other treatments take effect. Phenazopyridine is a dye that works as a painkiller to soothe the lining of the urinary tract.


12 Tablets - Item# A501349, NDC# 10956-0210-12

7 Day Vaginal Cream Compare to:

Gyne-Lotrimin® Vaginal Cream

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7 Day Vaginal Cream 45 grams Taro
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Drug Facts
Cures Most Vaginal Yeast Infections

One 45 g (1.5 oz) Tube of Clotrimazole Vaginal Cream USP (1%) & 1 Reusable Applicator

Educational Brochure Enclosed


45 grams - Item# PM2485464, NDC# 51672-2003-06



Roll-On Antiperspirant & Deodorant

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Drug Facts
1.7 fl oz roll-on antiperspirant deodorant in travel size plastic applicator bottle. Clean fresh scent. Fights wetness & odor.
  • Unscented

  • Fights wetness & odor

  • Active Ingredient: Aluminum Sesquichlorhydrate 25%

Fragrance Free


1.7 fl oz. (50ml) - Item# SS10129640

KY® Jelly

Personal Lubricant

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KY Personal Lubricant 4 oz
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Drug Facts

K-Y Jelly Lube is a thick gel that effortlessly glides on and stays where you want it to, quickly preparing you for intimacy. Our classic water-based lube that can help you glide into a wetter, better experience every day. Just what the doctor ordered. Now we’re talking. Our Water-based Jelly formula gives you the confidence to enjoy sex as well as being compatible with latex condoms. K-Y is the #1 Doctor recommended personal lubricant brand. This product contains one 4 FL OZ bottle.


4 fl Ounces (113g) - Item# A504154, NDC# 6798-1089-12


E-Z Lubricating Jelly Compare to:

Surgilube® Jelly

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E-Z Lubricating Jelly 4oz
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Drug Facts
  • Bacteriostatic

  • Personal Lubricant

  • Water-soluble - alcohol-free

  • Clear, Non-Greasy

  • Latex Free


$2.99 each
(12-Pack) $1.99 each

4oz. - Item# A852788 - UPC# 035135003046


Toilet Seat Cleaner Travel Spray

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Happy Cheeks Toilet Seat Cleaner
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Drug Facts

Clean your seat before you sit!

Spray, wipe, & sit!

  • Conveniently Portable

  • Travel worry free

  • Carry in your purse or pocket


1 bottle (50 applications) - Item# RP210579


Miconazole 3 Combination Pack Compare to:

Monistat-3 Combination Pack®

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Miconazole 3 Combination Pack Major
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Drug Facts
  • Cures most vaginal yeast infections

  • Relieves external itching & irritation due to a vaginal yeast infection

3 Disposable Applicators and external cream


3 Disposable Applicators & external cream - Item# PM2939866 - NDC# 00904-5415-01

Midol® Complete Gelcaps

Acetaminophen/Caffeine/Pyrilamine Maleate

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Midol® Complete Gelcaps 24-Count
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Drug Facts
  • Maximum Strength

  • Relieves Cramps, Bloating, Fatigue

  • Also relieves Backache, and Headache


24 Gelcaps - Item# SS10058451 - NDC# 12843-0172-53


Accu-Clear Pregnancy Test

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Accu-Clear Pregnancy Test (2 Tests)
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Drug Facts
  • Simple to use

  • Simple to read

  • Over 99% accurate

  • Use any time of day

  • Positive results in as little as one minute


2 Tests - Item# SS10049278 - UPC# 751774975901

OXYTROL® Overactive Bladder Patches

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OXYTROL® Overactive Bladder Patches 8-Count
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Drug Facts


  • Relief from Overactive Bladder

  • Each Patch Lasts 4 Days

  • Economical 32 Day Supply

more info


8 Patches (32 Day Supply) - Item# SS10230411 - NDC# 00023-9637-08


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