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Bio-Bute Pain Relief Oil Bio-Bute Pain Relief OilBio-Bute Pain Relief Oil
Detailed Label Information

Bio-Bute Advanced pain relief oil may help provide relief to all animals in all situations. Whether your animal is in competition, performance or a cherished pet, whether it is suffering performance strain, muscular soreness, joint pain, arthritis, recovery or simply old age, your animal could benefit from Bio-Bute. Bio-Bute may assist in pain free relief for up to 5 hours.

Bio-Bute may help with pain relief and assists with the full return to mobility of strained, injured or inflamed joints.

Apply a small amount of Bio-Bute topically to the affected area or use as a rub down before and/or after competitive events. For peak performance and to accelerate recovery, use daily for maximum relief.

Bio-Bute can be used in conjunction with other treatments, e.g. with ice or prescribed medications. See your veterinary professional for more information.

Available in 125ml packs for small animals and 500ml packs for large animals.

Drug Free 
All Natural 
Scientifically Proven 
Super Strength 
Does Not Swab

125ml Bottle $34.95 each

500ml Bottle $98.95 each
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