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Frontline Plus for Cats & Dogs



#1 veterinarian-recommended flea and tick product.*

Take good care of your pets. Help keep them healthy and happy by providing preventative care starting with flea and tick control.  FRONTLINE is the #1 choice of veterinarians when it comes to combating both fleas and ticks. FRONTLINE is an easy-to-use treatment that is proven effective.


  • FRONTLINE Plus killed 100% of fleas within 12 hours of application.**

  • Long lasting: continues to kill fleas and ticks all month long.

  • Approved for use on puppies and kittens 8 weeks of age and older and on breeding, pregnant or lactating cats and dogs.

  • Waterproof: effective even after swimming, bathing and grooming.

  • FRONTLINE Plus breaks the flea life cycle and kills ticks.

*MDI Data

**Everett WR, Gross SJ, Tanner PA, Carithers DS. Immediate and residual speed of kill of FRONTLINE Plus (fipronil + (S)-methoprene) against Rdl-homozygous fleas on dogs assessed at twelve, eighteen, and twenty four hours post-treatment and following subsequent weekly infestations. Intern J Appl Vet Med. 2011;9(2):119-122

Cats (any size)

$47.99 / 3 Months Supply

Item# A601116 - UPC# 350604287407


Dogs 5 - 22 lbs

$47.99 / 3 Months Supply

Item# A601098 - UPC# 350604287001


Dogs 23-44 lbs

$47.99 / 3 Months Supply

Item# A601099 - UPC# 350604287100


Dogs 45-88 lbs

$47.99 / 3 Months Supply

Item# A601100 - UPC# 350604287209


Dogs 89-132 lbs

$47.99 / 3 Months Supply

Item# A601115 - UPC# 350604287308



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