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What's new at RxPalace.com?

07/01/2019 CBD Oil and other products added.  In 2018 the new Farm Bill signed by President Donald Trump removed cannaibidiol (CBD) from the DEA's list off controlled substances clearing the way for sale (and allowing the sale across state lines) by Federal Law.  On July 1st, Florida Governor Ron Desantis signed Senate Bill 1020 allowing the sale of Cannabidiol (CBD) products in the state of Florida.  Now you can buy CBD products here.

05/01/2018 Added several new products to our PetCare line including Wound Care and Pain Control.

06/15/2017 Removed the Rx Product, generic Domeboro Otic Solution (discontinued by it's manufacturer).  Added the Rx Product generic Vosol Otic generic (Acetic Acid 2% Otic Solution, USP) for the use of Swimmer's Ear Prevention.

02/02/2017 Added PREVACID OTC 24-HOUR 42 COUNT to the OTC Antacids Section.

01/30/2017 Major enhancement addition of Ulta Lab Tests.  Now you can, without a doctor's order, schedule labwork for yourself and get results securely online within a few days.  Take charge of your healthcare and set up the labs that you want when you want it.  Keep track of trends in your health over time.  Get great discounts and monthly promotions when you schedule through RxPalace.com.

01/30/2017 Added a New Category which is accessible through the site called "Professional Instruments".  You'll be able to monitor your health or your loved one's health at home using the most advanced technical equipment available for home use.  Most people are familiar with Blood Glucose Monitors, but today there are more and more devices available such as the following examples:
  • Pulse Oxygen Sensors - a non-invasive way to measure the oxygen level in your blood. Useful for people with breathing conditions such as asthma, COPD, etc.
  • EKG (ECG) Monitors - Electrocardiograms can help detect and record the health condition of the heart for early prevention.  Helps detect irregular heartbeats, arrhythmias, etc.  These are an affordable and convenient way to work with your cardiologist in detecting irregularities of the heart.
  • Urine Test Strips - Urinalysis, Ketones, pH testing, etc.
  • many new products coming...

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