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VetO2 Spray Wound Care Cleanser VetO2 Wound Cleansing Spray

VetO2 Cleanser is an aqueous water and saline solution containing a minimum of 150,000 parts per million of usable oxygen, compared with 6 10 ppm found in tap water.

VetO2 cleanses wounds quickly and effectively using the antibacterial power of oxygen. VetO2 oxygen spray is scientifically proven to be a natural, drug free antibacterial cleanser.

VetO2 Cleanser is made from all natural ingredients, with no chemicals or drugs. There are no harmful or undesirable side effects. Its the safe, easy way to give your animal rapid, clean healing from burns, cuts, sores, lacerations, scratches & grazes, as it helps to keep wounds clean. Clean wounds are known to heal faster. In fact it may assist with any kind of skin wound or injury.

It is totally drug and chemical free and 100% non toxic. 100% safe for all animal types.
VetO2 Spray $24.99 each
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