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Offering popular medications like Hydrocortisone 2.5% Cream, Transderm Scop for motion sickness, Benzamycin Gel for acne, and more.  No prior prescription required. Legally prescribed and dispensed by our pharmacist.  How is this legal?  Click here for answers.

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Senna Tablets 1000s $21.89

Senna Tablets 1000ea.

Senna laxative tablets provides natural laxative relief

Airborne Immune System Support

Bisacodyl 5mg Tablets$22.99

Bisacodyl 5mg 1000ea.


Bisacodyl is a gentle yet effective laxative

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The Best Cold Sore Medicine Available

Acyclovir 5% Plus Hydrocortisone 2.5% Cream for Cold sores

We've specially formulated a unique product to treat cold sores that combines the powerful anti-viral drug Acyclovir with high strength Hydrocortisone Cream for a double whammy to combat cold sores!


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Oxytrol Patch for Overactive Bladder

Aprodine Tablets 24's


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