In case you didn't already hear, Aprodine is the latest victim of the supply-chain issues stemming out of raw materials shortages from China.  It has been unavailable from it's manufacturer for over 6 months.  We've depleted our entire inventory.  Therefore, we're recommending the following alternatives until if/when Aprodine becomes available again.

Our Recommended Alternatives to Aprodine

Anti-Histamine Decongestant Adult Dosing "Drying"


Aprodine Triprolidine Pseudoephedrine every 4-6 hours Yes May OUT OF STOCK

Stahist TP Triprolidine Phenylephrine every 4 hours Yes May ORDER

Claritin-D 12-Hr Loratadine Pseudoephedrine every 12 hours Minimal No ORDER

Claritin-D 24-Hr Loratadine Pseudoephedrine every 24 hours Minimal No ORDER

Stahist AD Chlorcyclizine Pseudoephedrine every 6 hours Yes May ORDER

Sudafed Sinus 12-Hr none Pseudoephedrine every 12 hours No No ORDER

Zyrtec D Cetirizine Pseudoephedrine every 12 hours Yes May ORDER

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